My story

I grew up as a French child with heaviness, sadness and dissatisfaction. Something was not right but I could never understand where these feelings were coming from. I was experiencing a deep dissonance with this world. Around the age of 6, I already had the yearning to become ONE with the source.

During my adolescence, I watched a documentary about Kalari (Indian martial art) and Ayurveda. It was love at first sight. That was IT. My love for Ayurveda felt so right and there was never a question about it. Ayurveda was what I needed to uncover my potential. The one I knew I had deep inside. But I could not connect with it yet or express it.

In my late teens, I met my first Ayurvedic teacher who was also a holotropic breath practitioner and a “shaman”. While learning the basis of Ayurveda, I was also learning and experiencing meditation, role-playing, the shamanic journey, medicine wheels and other modalities. My teacher always emphasised the ONENESS between Ayurveda and Shamanism. There were different healing approaches of the same source. With them, I started my healing path for my body (chronic constipation and irregular menses) and my self-discovery – Who am I?

I was starting to develop a very close relationship with the Spirit world. The opening of my 3rd eye was very disturbing. I rejected that gift. In the beginning, I did not feel the call to make “My Ayurveda” a profession. I went on with my university studies and found a glamorous job in the music industry. Yay! My connection with the Spirit world slowly closed down. I was in the music publishing industry having the time of my life. Meeting artists and stars and going to gigs every night. It was so much fun.

I was trying to maintain my Ayurvedic lifestyle and connection with the Spirit. It took me 6 years to understand finally that Music industry and Ayurvedic lifestyle were not compatible. I had to make a choice between the two. Working with artists was an external way for me to mend the wound of not becoming a professional dancer. During those 6 years, I was convinced that serving artists was my purpose. In a way, I was right. But, I did not realise at the time that I was the artist who needed to be served.

The truth was that my journey in the music business was always a bit unbalanced. I was losing what little power I felt I had in me. After 4 years in the music business, I was blocked in my life and doing a job I was slowly starting to loathe. How could I continue? Then, destiny brought to me a saviour from that stagnant and undecided state. A dear sociopath that I almost married. Violent and hysterical episodes and mental manipulation slowly led me towards a path of destruction. Most things in my life needed to go: my boyfriend, my apartment, and my glittery job. My sociopath harassed me for year after our breakup. I lived in fear, anger and stagnation. So I started on a new course on Ayurveda and energy healing. Ayurveda, once again was my support.

Dee Leborgne at Amrita Clinic, San Marcos La Laguna - Guatemala.

Dee Leborgne at Amrita Clinic, San Marcos La Laguna - Guatemala.

This intense letting go and destruction of bad habits gave me the courage to move and pursue a childhood dream – world travel and settling down outside of France. So I went to Australia and India, where I finalised my training in Ayurveda and did a Yoga teacher training course. I let the Universe show me a new way for my life. That time, I opened my arms timidly to my healing path. Though I was struggling at the beginning in Australia, there was a faith in me I never knew before which was rising. My savings were going down quickly and then a miracle happened. I found a job at Lentil As Anything, the coolest vortex-healing place in Melbourne. Lentil As Anything is actually a vegetarian community restaurant with a “pay-as-you-can” economic model. Being a volunteer there brought joy back into my life.

After a few months, I was asked if I wanted to be the new manager. I became a Karma Yogini managing a restaurant with a huge community of travellers, hipsters, artists, healers, misfits, families and homeless people. Despite getting that great opportunity, Lentil as Anything was still not where I needed to be, even though it was such a great accomplishment and an outstanding learning experience.

But then I took the path of destruction again (part II). I was kicked out of Australia and reached the beautiful and magnificent Bali for some months. I left Indonesia for a short vacation to Guatemala with my boyfriend, hoping to work and find inspiration. After 3 months in Central America, the result was no job and no inspiration. Then, my boyfriend and I got mugged with a gun and a machete on the night we were leaving Guatemala. No more computer, phones, credit cards, and papers. And finally, no more boyfriend.

That was the reset button that had finally lead me to accomplishing one aspect of my purpose. From that point onwards, I started to embody the teaching of Ayurveda by becoming My OWN HEALER while helping others to go on their path as their OWN HEALERS too.

Once again, the old traditions – Ayurveda, Yoga and Shamanism – brought me what I needed to unlock my potential, be more abundant and at service. I integrated with the world again and released much of my heaviness and sadness. I am still working on the dissatisfaction part of my journey. I healed my chronic constipation. I am on the path to liberating my femininity and creativity that were blocked and unexpressed. I moved from “scarcity”, the path of fear, to a path of love / self-knowing / authenticity.

I used the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga and Shamanism to heal myself: my body, my emotions, my energy field, my mind, my ancestors’ lineage, my LIFE. I let go of anything that was in the way of my Light.

My real name is Ludivine: “friend of the people” in German or “divine light” in Latin. That is my path – serving the light, serving others and the community with the Light. I do it best through teaching, counseling / coaching and somatic work.

Until this day, Ayurveda remains my greatest long-term relationship. I really consider this medicine and healing art to be my companion and support. I am here to share the Light of the Divine.

I want to share with you those gifts so you can Empower yourself too.

Have a good Life!

Bonne vie.