I really enjoyed practicing with Dee. I was able to learn about a new and balancing perspective on Yoga which I really appreciate. I enjoyed learning about ceremonies and traditions.

Thank you so Much Dee!!!
— Seth Jones, USA
Dee, thank you very much for these yoga pranayama, it was a very rewarding experience, it helped me a lot in recent times where I made many discoveries about myself , especially on an energetic level; and your course helped me to accept things, to drop my barriers and my blocking, I discovered more in relation to the Earth and Heaven; thank you for everything <3

also thank you for your advice on my back , it ‘s much better =)
This is one of the best massages... I have ever had, and I am a sports physician… I have had lots of massages.
Bridget, IRELAND
Hi Dee, thank you so much for the amazing massage.
A lot came up! First my stomach. Became very sore then the next day I got a migraine I could feel it was connected to my stomach. I feel the massage was really powerful. My stomach is good now. Emotionally I’ve always held things in my stomach. I feel that definitely released things.
Sandra Noble, MEXICO
Dee’s style of yoga is relaxed and calm. She teaches the class in such a way that you can move at your own pace, but get help with corrections when required. With an emphasis on meditation and breathing, Dee’s classes are relaxing and enjoyable, teaching techniques that you can easily repeat at home.
Charlotte, AUSTRALIA
Very Fulfilling experience with Dee. It was very tailored to what we wanted out of the retreat. Coming in not knowing anything about Ayurveda, Dee made it very well rounded allowing me to learn so much. The yoga practices incorporating the elements was great very excited to take home with me. My 1st ever massage with her was amazing and even taught us some moves to do with my partner. Again another thing I get to take home with me. The ceremonies were beautiful, very well set up, loved it. And Dee, she was a great soul, very comfortable with her. Listening and sharing with us. An Amazing experience. Thank you Dee.
— Mahala Dejoode, USA
This is the most wholesome therapeutic massage I ever had.
Hau’Oli, HAWAI
And I want to tell you that your classes are very special, and the way you hold energy during the class is beautiful!
You hold a lot of smoothness and beautiful flow!
— Adriana Gobbato, Guatemala (Private class - Pregnancy)
Hey Dee, your massage was amazing. I feel like you tune my back like an instrument. I feel so much better.
Rene, BALI
This is simply the best massage I have done. Id like to book another appointment.
Dee, you are very talented.
Dear Dee,
Thank you so much for the opportunity to experience your yoga classes over the last months. I had so many new and lovely experiences in this class. It was very special. My other yoga class, that I will return to on Thursday mornings, is very good, but not as profound as yours. Though I think I will be able to bring to it a lot of what I learned from you. I hope you have the chance to teach many more people through your life as it seems to me you have a special gift for this.
Dee was fantastic - she took us through all the basics as we are beginners. Looking forward to working with Dee again in the future. We would highly recommend using Dee for future work.
Clyde and Paula, AUSTRALIA