Dee Leborgne is a certified massage therapist and lifestyle consultant in Ayurveda, helping people balance their body and mind. Also a qualified yoga teacher, Dee uses these ancient sciences to assist her clients’ draw on their own inner resources and experience self healing.

Certificate in Sound Healing / Yoga Alliance (100 hours)
The Yoga Forest
San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala 2019.

Certificate in Yoga Education / Yoga Teacher Training (3 month course)
Gujarat Ayurved University
Jamnagar, India 2014 - 2015

Certificate in Ayurvedic studies (3 month course)
International Center for Ayurvedic Studies
Gujarat Ayurved University
Jamnagar, India 2014 - 2015

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Certificate (2 years course)
Ayurveda & Consciences in partnership with Gujarat Ayurved University
Paris, France 2012 - 2014

Certificate in Ayurvedic Massage Therapy (6 month course)
Institut Français d’Ayurvéda
Paris, France 2012

You don't have to believe everything you think

You don't have to believe everything you think

📸 by  @yogiportraits

I love @erykahbadu : In that one sentence there is so much wisdom...

We all are so attached to our thoughts... So many of them are passing in our head each day.
Those thoughts of mine are not ME.... they don't even belong to me. They come and go all the times.. They are the products of my ancestors story, my environment, my traumas etc but They are not ME nor do they belong to ME.❤❤❤

Like they say in #Vipassana retreats... Our sensations (and thoughts) are arising and passing away all the time.
They are NOT us. In that sentence Erykah is saying not to get attached you to your own thoughts... they are part of the illusion of the false SELF.

Me and you are so much bigger than our body, our thoughts, our emotions...

Like they say in Advaita Vedanta, you are not the body nor the mind.. Therefore, we don't have to believe everything that we think.

The more we get attached to that illusion the more separated we are from the real SELF.
Don't feel guilty of some of the thoughts you may have... Observe them and let them Go...

Best way to learn that skill is to #MEDITATE. Yay... #MEDITATE on the SOURCE of your being #whoiam
Grasp the silence in between 2 thoughts, that is the real YOU - the SELF.

In this photo, I use the #mudra called Abhaya. This hand gesture is designed to let go of FEAR and promote courage.

With this Mudra, I invoke for inner PEACE - I do not fear nor I believe my own thoughts.
I stay centered in the SELF - the illuminated HEART. 💜💜💜💜💜 

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Thank you for one of the best weeks of my life

Thank you for one of the best weeks of my life

An Amazing experience. Thank you Dee

An Amazing experience. Thank you Dee