Dee Leborgne is a certified massage therapist and lifestyle consultant in Ayurveda, helping people balance their body and mind. Also a qualified yoga teacher, Dee uses these ancient sciences to assist her clients’ draw on their own inner resources and experience self healing.

Certificate in Sound Healing / Yoga Alliance (100 hours)
The Yoga Forest
San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala 2019.

Certificate in Yoga Education / Yoga Teacher Training (3 month course)
Gujarat Ayurved University
Jamnagar, India 2014 - 2015

Certificate in Ayurvedic studies (3 month course)
International Center for Ayurvedic Studies
Gujarat Ayurved University
Jamnagar, India 2014 - 2015

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant Certificate (2 years course)
Ayurveda & Consciences in partnership with Gujarat Ayurved University
Paris, France 2012 - 2014

Certificate in Ayurvedic Massage Therapy (6 month course)
Institut Français d’Ayurvéda
Paris, France 2012

Fasting Day Routine

Fasting Day Routine


Hey, let me share with you my fasting routine. You can do that once a week to keep your body and mind healthy and pure.

On that day, only drink warmer *water (with spices like ginger powder to purify the channels and digest the toxins and better your inner digestive divinity).

Avoid breakfast and when hungry for lunch prepare rice water soup (*Manda). I add salt so the preparation could go deeper in the tissues; and black pepper to again improve digestion (good for respiratory system and joints). Manda is great to clean and balance all the doshas. It’s inducing sweat, stimulating Agni, clearing the tissues, and cleaning the urinary system.  With this preparation, some of the main outlets where toxins build at to unbalance the body, will be cleared: skin (thanks to sweating), lungs (mainly thanks to black pepper), kidney / urinary system and bowel. Eat with consciousness and see that this food is auspicious and will clean your inside.

You can eat the rice as well if you are really hungry. I usually eat the rice to keep my Vata down, induce calmness (Sattva) and stop the increasing of rajas (excess of activity of the mind). I added to the rice, an oil substance (prefer ghee if not olive oil) because I needed to low down the dryness (ruksha) of my system. Ghee is particularly good to regulate the digestive fire.

Do the same routine at early dinner time (6 pm is better). You can add fresh ginger to Manda to increase again the power of clearing the body from toxins. 

This routine is good to purify tissues, the fluids (thanks to “laws of similarity”, Manda is closed to tissue called rasa or lymphs; it will reach out all minute parts of the body to clear them. Then with the spices, the toxins will be directed in the Gastro intestinal tract and be flushed out through the bowel.

This routine will clear improve the fire of your digestion but also the fire of your mind and will help you to take action in the most beneficial way.

During your fasting day, relax and try to do creative and gentle activities.

Om Shantee.

PS: Take some Triphala powder to increase the benefits.

Ciao, Good life.

*Manda recipe = Use 14 parts of water to 1 part of Basmati rice. When the preparation reduced to half or more, strain and drink the water with the spices.

 “Yoga is the soul of Ayurveda”, says Dr Khushdil.  Interview with a wise Vata Ayurvedic physician and yoga teacher.

“Yoga is the soul of Ayurveda”, says Dr Khushdil. Interview with a wise Vata Ayurvedic physician and yoga teacher.

In Silence (poem of meditation)

In Silence (poem of meditation)